The Benefits of Core Aeration and Over Seeding for Lawn Maintenance in Foristell, MO

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A large, luxurious lawn is an important part of the American dream. Unfortunately, properly caring for your lawn can be a time-consuming and resource-hungry project. There are some tactics, however, that you can use to help your grass stay fresh and healthy. You can keep your grass looking greener by following the tenets of core aeration and over seeding when you perform lawn maintenance in Foristell, MO.

Defining aeration and over seeding

Core aeration is a process where plugs of soil are mechanically removed from your lawn, and then deposited on top of the ground’s surface. This allows oxygen to enter the holes where the soil cores were removed from. As the cores break down, they redistribute nutrients and minerals more evenly across the lawn.

Core aeration also allows fertilizer and water to more easily reach the roots of your grass, and is a key way to keep your lawn’s thatch under control. Thatch is the layer of dried stems, roots and decomposing grass matter that rests between your grass and the topsoil. While some amount of thatch is a good thing, too much can harbor insects and even spread grass diseases. The aeration process helps to remove some thatch, and the cores accelerate its decomposition as they seep back into the ground.

Over seeding, meanwhile, is simply the process of planting more grass by laying seeds on top of existing turf. This allows the plants to increase density and ground cover, and works to build healthier root networks.

How to aerate your lawn

Core aeration can do many wonderful things for your lawn. Here are the steps that you should take both before and after seeking professional lawn maintenance in Foristell, MO to aerate your lawn:

  • Take a soil sample:
    A soil sample should be taken from one of the aerated cores. This sample can be sent for analysis, which may help you understand what types of soil-specific care you should be giving your lawn.
  • Spread some dirt:
    After the aeration process is complete, you should spread humus compost over your yard to help accelerate growth, aid thatch decomposition and create a generally healthier lawn.
  • Over seed:
    One of the most important steps that you can take following a core aeration is over seeding your yard. This will promote healthier growth, aid water retention and create a fuller-looking lawn. You should use roughly five pounds of seed for every 1,000 square feet of yard.
  • Avoid weed control:
    After over seeding your lawn, you will have to wait before applying broadleaf weed control. New grass should be allowed to germinate and grow for the three to four mowing cycles before you begin applying weed control measures.

American Grasslands is a local, family-owned business that provides lawn maintenance in Foristell, MO. We are experts in core aeration and over seeding practices. To learn more about how we can help you to keep your lawn looking lush and attractive, please contact a member of our knowledgeable team today!

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