A Lawn Care Company in Foristell, MO Can Help Treat These Common Lawn and Tree Diseases

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Trees are found in many yards all over the United States. If you have one or more in your yard, and choose to keep them, it is your responsibility to care for them and ensure they remain healthy. Part of this job includes keeping an eye out for the many diseases that can infect your trees, but you first have to know the signs and symptoms and what can happen to your trees.

Here are common lawn and tree diseases your tree service in Foristell, MO wants you to know about:

  • Fireblight: If you have an apple or pear tree in your yard, the neighborhood critters will not be the only problem you may encounter. Fireblight is a disease that can affect your apples and pears, and eventually the entire tree. However, if it is detected early on, you can do a bit of pruning yourself (or contact a tree service) and hopefully save the tree and ensure it will continue to supply you with your favorite fruit.
  • Scorch: Trees need water to survive. From the roots to the leaves, when the water supply isn’t just right, it could mean trouble for your tree. Scorch is a disease that occurs when your tree’s roots aren’t supplying the leaves with enough water. You can detect this specific disease by examining the leaves for browning around the edges. Simply ensuring there is enough water for your tree can help this problem and improve the health of the leaves.
  • Root rot: Healthy roots can make a huge difference in a tree’s survival. If they are unhealthy or start to rot, a tree can easily die as a result. Lawn care services in Foristell, MO may be able to diagnose this issue, but there is no guarantee. And unfortunately, there is no way to put a stop to root rot, so keeping your tree healthy and happy is the only way to ensure root rot doesn’t become a problem.
  • Iron chlorosis: Alkaline soil can be an issue for a tree because it can disrupt its ability to take in the iron it needs to survive. As a result, the leaves will turn yellow. Over time, things can continue to get worse. Luckily, it is possible for your tree to heal from this disease and once again be healthy, but it will need the attention of an arborist, who can treat this particular condition.

There are a few different reasons people should be concerned about the trees in their yard and their health. An unhealthy tree can make your home’s exterior look bad due to weak, hanging branches and discolored leaves, but they can also be a danger to your safety. Rather than let your tree stay sick, you could seek out assistance from one of your local lawn care services. Hopefully, your tree will be treated and its health will eventually improve.

Need a lawn care company in Foristell, MO to ensure your trees are healthy? You can schedule an appointment with an expert from American Grasslands by calling us today.

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