Tree Trimming Service in Foristell, MO

Trees, shrubs, bushes and other non-flowering foliage are a great addition to any landscape and adds a lush appeal to your property, but your property needs regular tree trimming in Foristell, MO to stay looking good! These plants need to be maintained frequently to stay looking great. To prevent over-pruning or improper care, it pays to trust the professionals at American Grasslands for shrub and tree service in Foristell, MO.

Our lawn care services team is adept at caring for all types of greenery. We’re familiar with all types of local foliage and have years of specialized experienced when it comes to properly caring for each green plant on your property. Some of the many expert services we’re able to provide include:

  • Shrub pruning: Trimming back excess on shrubs is a great way to help them grow strong and lush. We’ll cut away any dead areas, prune back overgrowth and shape your shrubs to a healthy form so they add to the pristine aesthetic of your property.
  • Stump removal: Stumps are unsightly and can detract heavily from the landscape. Let us make quick work of them! We’ll remove stumps quickly and with minimal effort, remediating the area where the stump once stood to leave your landscape looking great.
  • Tree maintenance: From shaping and staking to growth inspection and tree trimming in Foristell, MO, we do everything necessary to see that your trees develop big and strong. Our maintenance services extend to all local native trees, from infancy onward. Trust us to help your trees flourish all year round.
  • Scrub maintenance: Small ground-level plants need tender love and care to stay beautiful and vibrant. We ensure their planting area is properly cultivated and given the nutrients it needs for these plants to thrive.
  • Leaf removal: When the trees dump their leaves in fall, we’ll be there to clean them up. Dead and decaying leaves pose a problem for your lawn once winter comes, so we ensure they’re properly removed before the snows cover them.
  • Tree removal: Have a dead tree that’s becoming a danger or an eyesore on your property? We’re your responsible tree removal service in Foristell, MO. We fell trees quickly and thoroughly, removing them entirely from your property.

No matter the size of your property or the type of greenery that accents it, know that American Grasslands is here to assist you in maintaining it to the fullest. Contact us today at 314-422-7675 to get a free estimate on tailored landscape maintenance services, including snow removal.