Lawn Care Services in Foristell, MO

People judge the way your property looks by how well the lawn and garden are kept up, which is why lawn care services in Foristell, MO are so important. Give them something beautiful to look at! American Grasslands is your all-in-one provider of lawn and garden care and maintenance services. Our experienced teams transform your landscape into the pinnacle of perfection—and keep it that way!

Our lawn care services in Foristell, MO include all major facets of property care and maintenance (including snow removal!), to make sure every blade of grass receives the attention it deserves. Our 7-step program includes the following:

  1. Lawn fertilization:
    Healthy applications of lawn fertilizer in Foristell, MO are integral in getting your grass to grow strong and lush. We apply the right fertilizer at the right times, for a lawn that looks appealing throughout the spring and summer months. We also offer a fertilization program for properties of all sizes, where we address fertilization needs automatically throughout the year!
  2. Lawn cutting:
    Lawn cutting is lawn maintenance 101, and we’re the experts when it comes to taming your lush green grass. We cut to the ideal height to allow healthy growth, without leaving behind clumped trimmings. With a background in golf course maintenance, we’re the standalone leaders for lawn cutting services.
  3. Core aeration:
    Aeration is key in delivering oxygen and nitrogen to grass. We aerate lawns to enable this critical airflow, boosting proper trimming and fertilization to give your lawn the complete care it deserves.
  4. Overseeding:
    Grass looking patchy? Need to address a few problem areas where crabgrass has been remediated? Let us seed your lawn for an even distribution of growth that makes for uniformity and perfection.
  5. Flower programs:
    Next to your lawn, your garden requires comprehensive assistance to remain looking its best. We deliver a full range of services through our flower program, including weeding, feeding, dead-heading and more.
  6. Mulch services:
    Mulch protects soil and enhances plant growth. Let us mulch your garden to give your landscape a complete look, while also boosting the appeal of your garden.
  7. Shrub pruning:
    Trimming back excess on shrubs is a great way to help them grow strong and lush. Call us for tree trimming services!

Call on us to be your grass cutter and lawn aerator in Foristell, MO and see for yourself the difference a professional touch can make.

Our team uses Ferris Mowers and other top-level equipment to accomplish work quickly and effectively. We welcome properties of all sizes and work directly with you to help determine exactly what your landscape needs to shine. Contact us and give us a call today at 314-422-7675.