Why Your Lawn Needs Overseeding and Aeration This Fall

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Your lawn can be a beautiful feature of your home or business when it’s kept in good condition, but even the most stunning lawns are susceptible to damage overtime. During the summer, when lawns are used for barbecues, pool parties and other get-togethers, your grass is put under a lot of pressure—quite literally. All of the foot traffic that your grass puts up with can have some negative effects on the appearance and health of your lawn.

At the end of summer, it’s a good idea to take a look at your lawn and determine whether you should take steps to restore your grass. Late autumn is a great time to take care of your lawn with overseeding and aeration, so make sure you consider these treatments for your grass.


The process of overseeding in Foristell, MO involves the planting of seeds directly over the grass that has already been planted. This process is meant to fill in bare patches and areas where grass is thinning. It can also make your grass denser and even improve the quality of its color. If you have a cool-season grass variety, it is best to take care of overseeding during the fall, since that’s when your grass will be able to grow best.

The actual overseeding process has to be done with care and requires some planning and calculation. You will have to make sure that the seed you are using is a match for the grass that’s currently planted. You will also have to determine exactly how much seed should be planted based on the area of your lawn and its condition. Once you’ve made all of the necessary calculations, you will have to make sure that you can disperse the seed evenly. You can hire a professional to handle overseeding in Foristell, MO for you.


Even though most people know that it’s important to care for their lawns, many people underestimate just how imperative it is to aerate your lawn. Lawn aeration involves boring holes into your lawn with a core aerator in Foristell, MO to allow water, air and essential nutrients to seep into the surface. This process can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to strengthening your lawn. Overtime, the soil becomes compacted from foot traffic and other factors. This compaction makes soil dense, and makes it difficult for essential components to circulate through soil and nourish grass. Aeration relieves this compaction and rejuvenates lawns.

Overseeding in Foristell, MO

At American Grasslands, we understand how important it is to maintain the appearance of your lawn. That’s why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive lawn care services, including aeration and overseeding in Foristell, MO. Our family owned company has been working with residential and commercial customers for years to help beautify their lawns and landscaping. We have the experience, skills and knowledge necessary to provide you with exceptional lawn care services, no matter what the size or scope of the project may be. Simply call us today to get more information about what we do and to arrange an appointment with our lawn care specialists.

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