Five Winter Landscaping Trends

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Do you think creating a beautiful landscape is just a task for the spring and summer months? Hopefully not! Landscaping can and should be maintained year-round if you want a beautiful lawn. But unless you live in a constantly warm climate, your landscaping practices need to vary from season to season. Follow these winter landscaping trends from your friendly lawn care company in St. Charles County, MO and you’re guaranteed to have the best looking yard and garden on the block:

  • Consider four-season perennials: If you know a little bit about gardening, you surely know that some plants hold onto their flowers throughout the year. If you’d like to have a garden that stands out in the winter, consider purchasing four-season perennials. Before you buy the plant, check the tag to make sure they’ll keep their color. Keep in mind that you have to care for the plants all year long if you want them to hold onto those flowers. We recommend laying down extra mulch in your flowerbeds to ensure your plants stay healthy throughout the season. Contact us to learn more about our mulching services.
  • Bare is in: Sure, deciduous trees look great in the summer and fall. But have you ever considered how attractive the raw bark can be in the winter, especially after it snows? Bare bark adds a little flair to a yard in the middle of winter when everything is white and covered with snow. If you want your trees to look nice and avoid worrying about falling branches due to snow, consider having your trees trimmed. Cutting back tall branches is one of our most popular winter landscaping services in St. Charles County, MO.
  • Berries add beauty: There are quite a few shrubs and trees that hold onto their berries throughout the cold months. In fact, that’s how many species of birds stay fed throughout the winter. Crabapple trees and holly bushes can add an extra “pop” to an otherwise bleak yard during the winter. In addition to looking great, planting a shrub or tree with fruit will attract birds and wildlife to your yard all year long!
  • Don’t forget evergreens: When it comes to winter landscaping, we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up evergreens. As long as you care for them, you can trust that the conifers in your yard will stay green and healthy throughout these next few months. If you aren’t quite sure how to care for evergreens, call a lawn care company in St. Charles County, MO. We have all of the tips and tricks that ensure healthy plants and trees.
  • Repurpose summertime containers: If your yard needs a little extra “something,” consider repurposing the containers you use for your summertime plants. Putting a small evergreen or winter bush in a container typically used for your summer flowers is fun and also ensures that you get the most out of your summer purchases.

Remember, getting your landscaping ready for winter can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Give American Grasslands a call today to learn more about all of our landscaping services in St. Charles County, MO. From mulching to trimming your trees for the winter, you can trust that our professionals will have your yard looking great all season long.

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